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Absolutely THE BEST Photo Booth/Photo Station EVER!

"Okay, let me make this easy for you. If you are considering using a photo booth at your event, STOP LOOKING AROUND. You would honestly be wasting your time. I have been to, and facilitated many events. I have seen many different set ups. This was easily the coolest and most fun I have had at one of my corporate events. My guests were also beyond impressed. The instant upload to your social media accounts, the custom made backgrounds and custom made framed templates were fantastic.

I loved their work so much, I hired them to do my daughters Bat Mitzvah.

I cannot rave any higher. DeeAnn and Kevin were not just there to take pictures. They were definitely a big asset for us. They motivated people to get off their butts to take a picture. Young and Old lined up all night. In the 4 hours, I do not think either of them sat down at all. The line never ended. If someone was looking like a limp shrimp, they had them throw on a captains hat, sunglasses or handed them a mustache in a stick or googly eyed glasses and a sign that said something apropos. Like, "I'm only here for the food and free drinks", "Superstar" or "Proud father" (my favorite). If they saw the need, they amplified the energy and always got the better shot.

Fun was abound. Many of my daughters friend are still raving about the giant iPhone and how cool the two people that ran it were. "Best ever" was quoted by many. Reasonably priced. Over the top customer service and an absolute pleasure from the fist phone call to the hugs goodbye! What else can you ask for?

Now if you are thinking "This must be a review written by a family member". It's not. You are welcome to contact me anytime. I'll close it up with this guarantee. If you do not agree with all of the above after engaging the Selfie Social, you can hit me in the face with a brick. That's right the ole' Brick to the Face guarantee. That said, I am confident I have nothing to worry about.

Okay? Good. Now just book them and move on to the next item on your list."

- Adam, Actor & Comedian

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